Pregnancy is an exciting time.  What mom doesn’t want to do everything they can to insure the health of their baby?  Well it turns out Mom’s have a tremendous amount of influence over the health of their newborn, even before they give birth.

A new study published in the international journal on child health and wellness research, Pediatrics, shows that moms might have more influence over their pregnancies than was previously thought…just by taking fish oil.  Highlights from the study include:

  • Moms that take DHA fish oil have healthier babies
  • By 1 month, babies are 24% less likely to catch colds if mom’s take fish oil while pregnant
  • At 3 months, babies spend 14% less time sick than those whose mom’s didn’t take fish oil
  • By 6 months, babies still spend less time sick if mom’s took DHA while pregnant

The study included over 1,000 young pregnant women (18-35) and followed their baby’s health until they turned 6 months old.  Moms in the study took 400mg/day of DHA fish oil during their pregnancy. Researchers didn’t look at the effects of food sources of omega-3, and in some instances, the baby’s health information came from personal accounts given by the moms.

It is important to take note that the dosage levels of fish oil were incredibly low; in fact, the amounts used were actually lower than most recommended dosages.  Pregnant Women are typically cautioned against excessive seafood consumption during pregnancy because of an increased risk for exposure to toxins like mercury. Fish oil is not a safe guarantee against this risk.  For this reason it is important to take only high quality supplements.  Additionally it is important to recognize that researchers neglected to look at omega-3 intake from food sources.  The study fails to address mom’s total omega-3 levels during and after pregnancy.  It would be nice to know these levels because mom is baby’s sole source for omega-3.

While these results appear to be encouraging, it is important to remember one study is seldom enough to warrant a change in lifestyle habits.  Mothers can empower themselves by keeping up with research and talking to their doctors before adding nutritional and health supplements.

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